Coronavirus (COVID-19) our current situation

As the United States, Mexico and the world continue to closely watch the ever evolving situation with the COVID-19 Pandemic we wanted to reach out and understand how we can help and support each other through these tough times.

We are first and foremost fully committed to the health and safety of our team members, vendors and customers.  In addition, we'll be working tirelessly to mitigate possible delays to our customers and re-adjust service level expectations throughout these times.

Just to you know, below are a few implemented practices that tShirtGuys has put into place to mitigate the risk to spread out the virus:

  • Such a sanitizing common/high traffic  areas multiple times a day.

  • We are providing hand sanitizer on strategic points as well as cleaning items so our staff can used as needed during the day.

  • It’s a requirement to use mask every day to reduce the risk to spread out any virus.

  • We are sending home any employee that has any respiratory illness until they fully recovered. (paid time benefit)

  • We are providing information to our staff in order be informed and prepared and  been aware  of the situation to increase the personal hygienic methods.

So far Mexican Government hasn’t advise of any requirement  shut down or quarantine, so at this moment TSG still working at our 100% of capacity, and we expect to keep like that. Also the border crossing still working with normal operation schedule.



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